Here are a few testimonials from students, parents, and supervisors we’ve worked with:

“You helped me to plan out my year in a way that was really meaningful to me. You pushed me to be courageous and get out of my comfort zone, and I’ve already become a much more independent and adventurous person because of it. This year has been a total blessing, and with all these experiences I feel so ready for what’s to come!”  –Camille J., Harvard University Class of 2017.

“You really helped me to accomplish a big goal of mine.  I learned so much from your outstanding leadership and your experiences.” –Ross F., Stanford University Class of 2012.

“Cotter Donnell has given my husband and me priceless advice and guidance as we navigate the world of teenagers… He is insightful and relaxed. We are more than impressed and will be forever thankful.” –Kim S., parent.

“Thank you for all of your kindness and hard work with Caroline.” –Laura A., parent.

“Ben loves working with you!” –Randal Y., parent.

“Ellie relates incredibly well to all kinds of people.  Her positive outlook, boundless energy, consideration for others, and her love of life create in her a magnetism that you will rarely find.  Ellie’s commitment to her work is first-rate.” –Tom Costley, director of Overland.