Gap Years in the Headlines!

“The Gap Year Grows in Popularity” (Public Radio International’s Marketplace)

“How to Plan a Gap Year” (The New York Times)

“Mind the Gap (Year):  A Break Before College Might Do Some Good” (NPR’s All Things Considered)

“Don’t Go to College Next Year. Take a Gap Year Instead” (Inside Higher Ed)

“Save Money (and Sanity) in a Gap Year” (The Boston Globe)

“10 Reasons You Should Take a Gap Year” (The Huffington Post)

“A Gap Year to Live Abroad, Not Study” (The New York Times)

“Congrats! You’re Accepted to College, Now Go Away” (Good Morning America)

“Time Out or Burn Out for the Next Generation” (Harvard University)

“Delaying College to Fill in the Gaps” (The Wall Street Journal)

“The Lure of the Gap Year” (U.S. News and World Report)